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Fishing Iowa's French Creek

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Iowa's French Creek is a world class trout stream without any reputation at all. With trout numbers at 2500 per mile, it has one of the highest densities of any stream its size. As a matter of fact this number is comparable to the White River, which is many times bigger than this spring creek. The point is, you should fish this stream while it's still a secret. You'll find wild browns and brookies it its fertile waters. There is ample public access on the stream, where camping is allowed.

This stream is managed 100% as a wild trout stream, both for browns and brook trout. There are two upper branches of the stream and they both are excellent brook trout sections. Below the confluence of these two branches is where the brown trout numbers become prevalent. Below French Creek Dr., the brown trout numbers are at their highest, and this is where the numbers are in the 2500 per mile range.

There are very stringent special management rules for this stream and they can be read in detail at the Iowa DNR French Creek Page. Additionally, a map of the area is available at French Creek Map.

Also, there is some additional information available through our Driftless Area-Top Ten Fishing Destination page.

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